Not sure what to recycle? No worries, we are here to help!  Not only do many companies not know how to recycle they don't know what to recycle, what to upgrade and how to sort.  Many items have different items all together and they don't know what to do with it.  Never fear cause Green Gearheads is here!  We take care of this and give you a hands-on training for management and staff that are recycling these items.  

Wait, you say..."My facility already recycles!" That's great news!  Green Gearheads also helps to make sure you are getting the best profit margin on all items.  Why lose money when you don't have to? Have a unusual product let us help to see if it can be recycled!  Another great reason to contact us!  


Most companies see the advantages in recycling just no all are sure about what to recycle and what to do with it.  Let us help!  Green Gearheads offers container services to get your company a jump-start on your recycling needs.  If you are not sure if you are getting the best price or container services, then maybe it's time to give us a call.  Let's talk today to see what services best suits your needs at your facility.

So many companies are working so hard at trying to make a profit they often don't find the time to get the best price on their container for recycling or trash needs.  Once you are using Green Gearheads, just give us a call to come service your container.  We take care of all the rest and even make sure you are getting the best price.

Not only do we offer container services but we also come to your facility and discuss ways that your company could be saving more money.  Different companies that have seen the best benefit from using Green Gearheads are Banks, Construction Companies and Retail Stores.  Banks benefit from auctions or foreclosures that have recyclable material but don't know how to handle all the details.  Construction and Retail companies benefit by getting the best price for their trash and recyclables and don't waste their time shopping around or even being bothers by sales persons.  Let's talk and see what Green Gearheads can do for your company! 

Turning Green

Green Gearheads, LLC works at turning green for you! Try us, you will see.


Green Gearheads offers the best referral program to its' customers.  This allows our customers to get the best knowledge on the market.   One way we are able to accomplish this is from past experience dealing with many various companies and the history of transactions.  Companies may seen great on the outside until you actually do a transaction with them and can't collect your money.  This knowledge is not found online but only with experience.  Contact us today to make the right connections! 


Equipment Needs

Looking for the best price in a new piece of equipment?  Look no further. We have what you need from balers to compactors for your paper, plastic and trash.  We offer leasing and outright purchase of the equipment.  We also offer a source for your scrap!


We here at Green Gearheads, LLC offer you, our customer, individual attention.

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