Our Philosophy

Advise, give and determine the best value for our customers, service then with pride and treat them as the most important partner of every day.  

How We Work
We service our customers as quickly as possible.  This quick response includes dispatching for open top rentals, trash hauling, advising for best rates, upgrading value,  or an overall experience of recycling with an average of one hour from initial call.  We realize that time is money and we want our customers making the most possible.

Hands on Advisor and Partner

​Hands on advisor and partner to companies in determining their best revenue potential for recyclable material generated from their operations, Assistance in liquidation of inventories.

Previous experience...
President and CEO of Cycle Systems, Inc. (Recycling Facility with 9 locations in SW and Central Virginia)
Accepted promotion, challenge and opportunity to drive sales, cost and operational initiatives to achieve increased productivity and consistent profitability year over year. Directed overall growth, business planning and financial strategies for recycling company with seven feeder yards, two main processing yards and >230 employees generating $115M+ in annual revenue.  Implemented marketing strategy targeting select customer categories (plumbers, electricians and auto rebuilders). Results: Grew revenue through new business development and customer reactivation.  Developed new pricing model (using automated calculation of commodity net profit) to leverage growing competitor presence in region. Results: Enabled price adjustments by site to maintain profit margin. Created centralized clearing house with real time pictures/weight enabling pre-approval of non-ferrous metal purchases; implemented demolition division partnering on environmental remediation; instituted routing of calls to enable corporate-level pricing decisions. Results: Increased sales, gross profit and market share.  Centralized dispatch of inbound/outbound trucks and railcars; centralized Maintenance Department management; implemented portable depollution stations for removal of fluids/parts from automobiles. Results: Increased productivity and customer satisfaction while decreasing costs.  Restructured accounting department to enable centralized accounting and financial reporting. Results: Reduced Financial Statement generation to within five days after month-end.  Led implementation of formal budgeting process (including offsite strategic planning/budget retreat for management/executive team). Results: Added structure and drove united focus on overall corporate vision.  Repaid loans against company-owned insurance policies, and negotiated removal of personal guarantees by owners from banking and vendor lines of credit. Results: Significantly impacted shareholder equity.

  • Commercial and industrial recycling of paper and plastics 
  • Long-Term Contract Administration
  • Recycle materials that others say cannot be recycled
  • Recycling of sorted residualing recycables 
  • Balers
  • Compactors
  • Leasing Equipment
  • Purchasing Equipment 

What We Offer

About Us

Our Mission

At Green Gearheads,  our mission is simple: to preserve and protect the environment and our customers with sensible and responsible recycling efforts.   

Our Pledge

We here at Green Gearheads, it is our pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Servicing the Entire Roanoke Valley

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