Looking for the best price in a new piece of equipment?  Look no further.  We have what you need from balers to compactors for your paper, plastic and trash.  We offer leasing and outright purchase of the equipment.  We also offer a source for your scrap!  If you would like a quote please fill out our form below and our sales staff will be in contact with you.

  • Discourages Scavengers
  • Saves Labor
  • Reduces Collection Costs
  • Reduces Insect/Rodent Problems
  • Prevents Windblown Trash
  • Reduces Fire Hazard
  • Controls Odor
  • Saves Inside Storage Space and Outside Parking Spaces
  • Extends Pavement Life
  • Reduce Pilferage
  • Prevents Unauthorized Access to Your Trash
  • Prevents Unauthorized Disposal
  • Fewer Cleanup Problems... when trash is sealed in a container, there are fewer complaints of messy bin areas
  • Reduced Bin Damage/Fires... sealed containers reduce vandalism opportunities
  • Liquid Retention

Benefits of Compaction

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