Marathon's PC-Series auto-tie baler is designed for high-productivity and ease of use. The intuitive touchscreen enables full automatic and manual control with one touch. Screens may be customized, password protected, and are designed with alarm, diagnostic, and help screens. From the touchscreen operator interface, the operator can control a variety of baler functions such as bale settings, system pressure, and bale length. The PC-Series baler is precision-built by Marathon manufacturing specialists. Structural members are properly jigged and fixture to ensure proper alignment and structural integrity for years of continuous use. Wire is dispensed directly from the box by our unique box holders. Ceramic wire guides and adjustable wire positioners direct the wire through the tier. The gear driven twisters produce a much shorter pigtail resulting in a 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs.

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Marathon’s auto-tie balers deliver years of efficient operation and increased productivity, all at reduced operating costs.

Auto-Tie Balers